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Antropologerne helps you to understand the needs, barriers and opportunities in people’s everyday lives. We know how the users are using things. How customers communicate. Which culture drives a particular product or guides a group of employees. We help you to make a difference in their lives, in your work and in our communities. We innovate meaningfully.

We explore and show you how people think and what they do in their everyday lives. We go into the field, where people work, live and use products or services. We analyse your users, customers or employees and focus on what is at stake for both ‘you’ and ‘them’. Antropologerne’s (’The Anthropologists’) core deliverable is qualitative methodology. With our strong anthropological consultants and processes, we provide expertise in understanding and change to our customers and projects.

We convert insights into new initiatives that we test, adjust, select and adapt as prototypes. If you prototype test, you not only gain knowledge, you also save development time and money. Not least, you ensure that the initiatives you want to introduce, make sense in the real-world context.

In order for a project to really change something, all parties need to be involved and on the same page. Therefore, we do not just leave you with a consultant’s report on your desk. We use professional anthropological empathy and participatory design methods to engage you and the people you are in contact with.


Contact Info
Kompagnistræde 16, 2
DK-1208 Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 8813 2000

Contact Person
Rikke Ulk
CEO and Chief Anthropologist
Direct tel: +45 2811 2010