minds & makers

— Cologne

Daniela Hammel, Jan Schröder, Martin Beyerle (principals) – Cologne (GER)

minds & makers is a dynamic and interdisciplinary team of Service Designers with comprehensive experience in the fields of service innovation, human centred design, qualitative research and strategic marketing.
minds & makers’ approach is based on the integrated methods of Service Design and Design Thinking and their work spans accross the whole process: from identification of the right questions, the exploration of the user’s needs, the development of solutions to the implementation of ideas into practice. minds & makers design not just novel and future oriented service concepts, but also test their acceptability and suitability for daily use by prototyping ideas in real life scenarios.

minds & makers is based in Cologne, Germany and was founded in 2009 by Daniela Hammel (Dipl. Des.) and Martin Beyerle (MDes., Dipl-Kfm.). In May 2010 Jan Schröder (Dipl. Des.) joined minds & makers as equal partner. Depending on the project context minds & makers are additionally supported by a network of precious freelancers and experienced experts from a variety of disciplines.


Some clients from the private, public and social sectors they have worked for:
Aktion Mensch, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Design Council (GB), Siemens Health Insurance, Swindon Borough Council (GB), Swisscom (CH), Vodafone…

For more information see www.minds-makers.com

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+49 163 431 86 15
Skype: madameela