@ London Design Festival, London, UK, September 2011

What happens when design goes outdoors?

The Great Outdoors of Design was a behind the scenes look at a range of cross-cultural research projects that embody design principles. Reach specialise in the design and delivery of such projects, and each partner came to London in order to provide expert local insights on a range of global issues.

This day-long event involved a number of interactive presentations and discussions. Drawing on the expertise of both Reach partners and delegates, these sessions established how researchers can create empathic, engaging materials that take designers out into the world of the people they’re designing for.

The event proved a great success, and we continued to GOOD’13!



Design and Research: a love story

  GOOD’11 was all about what can happen when design and research come together – but what about when this means people, and not just disciplines? Lekshmy Parameswaran and László Herczegh are co-founders of fuelfor, a design consultancy specialised in healthcare innovation. They are a Designer Researcher and Researcher Designer respectively; the challenges and joys of bringing these disciplines together … Continue reading “Design and Research: a love story”


Community involvement in sustainable energy use

How do you design the future models for energy consumption? Smart grid is a huge topic, the upcoming of micro-producers a tendency. The energy providers want to enforce sustainable energy and concurrently they talk about ‘peak shaving’ – peak-shaving meaning a new collaborative way to re-distribute our collective energy consumption with the two-fold outcome: More … Continue reading “Community involvement in sustainable energy use”


The power of one vs the power of many: Energy Awareness models across the globe

GOOD’11 provided several real-world accounts of what it actually means for research projects to take on a ‘global’ focus. One area in which such projects have flourished in recent years has been Energy Awareness, and this was the topic addressed by Indri Tulusan and Fumiko Ichikawa of Spur. Their presentation will answered two key questions: … Continue reading “The power of one vs the power of many: Energy Awareness models across the globe”


How can local insights affect strategic shifts in global organisations?

How can insights affect meaningful change? Even the most resonant of local insights can quickly disappear within the bureaucracy of a global organisation – even one that’s open to new thoughts and ideas. Feel the Future (Brazil) came to GOOD’11 to present their thoughts on this issue, reflecting upon their own experiences helping companies enter … Continue reading “How can local insights affect strategic shifts in global organisations?”